Botany Practicals of B.Sc. Part I from Batch No. 109333 to 109337 is being postponed till further notice.

Faculty of Computer Science

The benefits of taking a computer course are many and regardless what a student wants to do with his education, he will likely find that many benefits come with his increased knowledge. Today, computers are used in more environments and for more functions than ever before, and their use is only expected to increase.

Even if a person has no desire to explore the growing number of employment opportunities that are available to a skilled computer user, understanding the functions of a home computer can make life easier and more enjoyable. People with basic computer knowledge can store and catalog photographs and music, watch movies, play games, create art, interact with friends, manage their personal finances, and perform many other essential and inessential tasks using their home computer. The list of functions of the modern computer only grows with time and people without knowledge of the many things that they can do with a computer might be surprised at how easily all of this and more can be managed.

Increased computer skills may help people perform the job they already have faster and more efficiently, allowing them to get raises and promotions. They may even learn how to use a computer to search for another job, through online job postings. They can find ways to supplement their income doing basic computer tasks for other people and companies. Or they can find a way to perform some or all of the tasks of their present job from their home computer, saving the time and money involved in computing. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Faculty of Computer Science

B.C.A Part-I

3 Years
Seats Available
Eligibility Criteria
Percentage Required
General - 48% | OBC - 43% | ST - 36% | SC - 36% |

Optional Paper

  • Elementary Physics
  • Basic Mathematics
  • General English
  • Principles of Programming Language (Through "C")
  • Computer Organization
  • Office Management Tools

Compulsory Paper

  • N.A.

Note : Provision of scholarship for SC/ST candidates from the Government as per rules.